Keeping Your Scottsdale Home Clean Between Cleanings

We get it, sometimes life gets a little bit busy and it’s hard to keep your home spotless in between visits from The Cleaning Authority. Keep your home clean and dust free with our favorite cleaning tips below!

1. Dust frequently.

Living in the Phoenix area can get very dusty. Dusting once a day or every other day can help reduce the amount of dust in your home in between cleanings from our staff. Keep a stash of microfiber cloths in your home to use when you dust. Microfiber cloths are great to use when dusting off almost any surface. Swiffer brand sweepers and dusters are also a great dusting tool to use!

2. Create chores for members of your household.

Splitting up the amount of cleaning work in your home is a great way to keep your home clean with minimal effort. Simple tasks like cleaning the dishes or folding the laundry are often avoided in between cleanings. If you split those simple tasks amongst the members of your household, you’ll notice your house staying a little bit cleaner.

3. Leave your shoes at the door.

Shoes track in so much dirt and bacteria onto the floors of your home. By encouraging guests to leave their shoes at the front door, you can avoid unnecessary dirt in your home. You will notice your floors staying cleaner as soon as you stop walking around your home with shoes on.

4. Clean messes as soon as possible.

Don’t let messes linger around your house. A bunch of little messes together creates one big mess in your home. Clean up a mess after you or a family member has created it. It will make your home look and feel so much better!

5. Stay organized.

It’s easy to get a little bit disorganized as life happens. We recommend decluttering and reorganizing your home. You will feel so much better about the overall cleanliness of your home once you figure out where all of your belongings actually belong. Your house will also look a lot better once it’s organized.

Following this cleaning advice and regular cleanings with The Cleaning Authority of Phoenix will ensure a clean and dust-free home. Contact The Cleaning Authority of Phoenix today for more information on our cleaning services.