Uncommon Places to Find Germs and How to Fight Them

When it comes to germs and bacteria throughout the household, there are many places where they may commonly be found. There are some places, though, that are not so common and many people don’t think about them when cleaning. For homeowners, it is important to make sure these places are cleaned properly to avoid it from affecting members of the household.

The Kitchen Sink & Faucet

When prepping food and rinsing off certain items, there is plenty of bacteria that can spread into the sink and the faucet. These are often neglected when it comes to the cleaning process. Make sure to use disinfectant products on the faucet, the fixtures and handles, and the rest of the sink.

The Television Remote

The TV remote is one of the things in the home that nearly everybody touches at one point or another. This means that even if sick, they may handle the TV remote, potentially spreading germs to any other person who uses it. This should be recognized and the remote should be cleaned whenever someone who is sick has used it, if someone sneezes, or any other instance where germs can be spread.

The Electronic Devices

When people are sick or handling food prep and then touch a cell phone, tablet, laptop, or any other electronic device, they increase the risk of germs spreading. To combat this, either make sure hands are clean or cover the device. You can also have someone else nearby use the device to search what you need during that time.

The Cooking Utensils

As you prepare to cook your food, you may use a utensil to put the raw food on a grill or stove. Whenever you deal with raw poultry or meats, wash the utensil if you plan on using it again to serve the food once it is cooked. You could be transferring bacteria onto the food that people are about to consume.

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