Spring Clean in a Day Checklist

Spring Clean in a Day Checklist

Spring is approaching fast, and with a new season comes the dreaded Spring Cleaning. The process can seem overwhelming, especially with a house full of winter clutter. However, we’re here to help with a Spring Cleaning checklist filled with tips and tricks.

Clean your closet

First thing’s first: take out all of your heavy winter clothes and store them in vacuum storage bags, which can be a great way to compactly store unneeded clothing. Then, purge your closet of surplus clothes by making three piles to throw your clothing in: keep, throw away, and donate. Once you’re down to just your keep clothes, organize it in your closet by clothing type, with everything hanging in the same direction. Place your shoes on an inexpensive over the door shoe rack to keep your closet tidy. Need more help cleaning out your closet? Check out this tip to clean out the clothes you don’t wear.

Clean out your fridge and freezer

Take out all of your food, condiments, and drinks, check the expiration dates, and throw out anything that is expired. Make a donation pile for anything that is still good but has remained unopened for more than one month. Allocate specific shelves to each type of product and invest in fridge bins to organize your food. Check out our favorite fridge hacks to keep yours organized year-round.

Organize your pantry and cupboards

Everyone wants a Pinterest-worthy pantry full of labeled containers and color-coordinating food, but let’s start out simple. Begin by throwing away expired items, and setting aside any unexpired food item that has been sitting in your pantry for more than six months to donate. Next, ensure that your basic ingredients are stocked up and buy organizing shelves or baskets to put your groceries in. In order to keep tidy throughout the rest of the year, make sure to sort your new food into the storage bins as soon as you unbag the groceries.

Throw your sheets in the wash and clean your mattresses

Wash your sheets just like normal clothes, but make sure not to overload your washer or dryer in order to prevent a longer washing process. When it comes to mattresses, simply vacuum the surface, spray a spot clean solution on stains, and blot with a hand towel.

Eliminate clutter

Take each room one by one and throw away useless clutter. Once you’re done, re-organize your belongings in a way that makes sense to you. Not sure what to donate or throw away? We’ve got you covered.

Clean the inside of your microwave

When was the last time you really cleaned your microwave? Make it easy on yourself and simply microwave a bowl of water with sliced citrus fruits until it boils. Let the microwave cool and then wipe down the inside with a soft towel. Want to clean more of your major appliances? Check out our tips here.

Sort through your purse

As the legends say, a woman’s purse is supposedly full of mysteries. However, it can’t hurt to clean some of those secrets out. Throw away things you don’t need and use a disinfectant wipe on the inside and outside to get rid of all the germs.

Hire a Housecleaning Company

After you’ve finished organizing your home, you’ll probably want a break from cleaning the rest of the house. When you let the professionals at The Cleaning Authority clean your home on a regular basis, it’ll make it seem like Spring Cleaning is all-year-round in your home, but… someone else is doing the work! Visit The Cleaning Authority today to get a free online estimate.

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