How To Optimize Space in Your Fridge

We love a good clean fridge, but why not take it one-step further by really maximizing the space. It’s so easy for our refrigerators to get over stuffed with produce, jars, cans, Tupperware, drinks, and more! Who hasn’t come home from the grocery store to realize there is NO SPACE for all of the groceries you just bought!

Maybe you’ve even contemplated buying a bigger fridge or getting a second one to put in the garage or basement. Save your money and check out these tips to optimize the space in your fridge:

Use Magnets to “Hang” Metal Items

Free up some space on the shelves by gluing magnets to the underside of at least one shelf. Then, you can hang drinks or jars with a metal lid. They’ll stay put and you can stack some shorter items under them!

Or… Use Binder Clips

You can hang any bags you have in the fridge or freezer by using a binder clip around the slats of a shelf.

Store More Eggs

If your family loves eggs… put a wire basket in your refrigerator’s egg shelf. Instead of just fitting a carton of one dozen eggs, you’ll be able to fill the whole basket and never worry about being out of eggs!

Use Clear Storage

It’s easier to remember what you have when you can see it! This will help you to avoid taking up space with leftovers that will go uneaten.

Add More Shelves

If you have shorter items on a shelf, it can seem like a waste of space. Purchase small, plastic shelves (like the ones for under the bathroom sink) to create a bonus shelf.

Or… Make Magazine Holder Into Shelves

Get creative! Turning a magazine holder on it’s side can create smaller shelves, while giving your fridge a fun, modern look.

Eat Me First

Place a clear bin your fridge labeled, “Eat Me First!” When something is nearing an expiration date, or leftovers won’t last much longer, put them in there to ensure they don’t take up space once their past the point of being edible.

Make sure everything is in the right place.

Be sure to put foods in the right spot of the fridge to ensure things aren’t going bad earlier than they should be.

As you work towards maximizing the space in your fridge and organizing your kitchen, you’ll want the rest of your home to look just as good! Visit The Cleaning Authority today to get a quick and easy online estimate for professional housecleaning.