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Hear Why Employees Of The Cleaning Authority Love Their Job

From cleaners to managers, employees do more than just clean houses. They give time back to busy homeowners and create a healthy, clean environment in the homes they service. The employees of each location are such a huge part of the business and truly help enrich the lives of customers. That is why each location wants employees for the long haul that see the value in the job they are providing.

Carrie Johnson

Cincinnati, OH

Carrie always loved cleaning. So, when she saw an ad in the newspaper for a job at The Cleaning Authority in 2003, she knew it would be right up her alley. After working as a Professional Housecleaner, then trainer, for seven years, Carrie moved into a position in the office, where she works today. "I love coming to work at The Cleaning Authority. It's not just work for me, it's part of who I am," she says.

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"You get this great sense of accomplishment when you finish the job and see the great work you did first hand." - Carrie Carrie Johnson

Nemesis Silva

Oklahoma City, OK

After working for years in the restaurant and retail industries, often balancing two to three jobs at once, Nemesis found a job at The Cleaning Authority in Oklahoma City in 2011 and has been a dedicated employee ever since. With The Cleaning Authority, Nemesis found a sense of stability that she never had before in other companies. "I'm not changing plans on the weekend because they're short staffed. I get to spend my weekends doing what I love and spending time with my family," she says.

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"I know I work Monday through Friday and that's it. I get to spend my weekends doing what I love and spending time with my family." - Nemesis Nemesis Silva

Dericka Francis

Columbia, MD

In 2000, Dericka was on the hunt for a summer job. After taking a position working at The Cleaning Authority in Columbia, a summer job became a career of more than 15 years! In her first summer with The Cleaning Authority, Dericka found something in her new job she didn't have before: Freedom. “When I left the office for the day to clean homes, I felt free. There was no boss watching over my shoulder,” she says. “It helped me to enjoy the work more without the pressure of feeling watched.”

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"This company has definitely changed me in a positive way, and I love working with all of the people here." - Dericka Dericka Francis

Natalia Diaz

Fort Bend, TX

Before working at The Cleaning Authority, Natalia bounced around between retail jobs and working as a maid in hotels. She disliked not knowing what to expect each day at work. Natalia joined The Cleaning Authority nine years ago and while going through the paid training program, she was happy to learn she’d be doing the same job every day. “The Cleaning Authority has a great training program,” she says. “Once you’re trained, you just go through the process and do what you’ve been taught.”

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"For me, it's the perfect job. I really enjoy seeing the happy customers." - Natalia Natalia Diaz

Benefits of Working for The Cleaning Authority

  • No Working Nights or Weekends

    Get your nights and weekends back to spend more time with friends and family.

  • Consistent, Easy to Manage Schedule

    The Cleaning Authority Cleaners are full-time employees. Get all the perks that come with a full-time job!

  • Training & Support Provided

    Employees form friendships with their teammate with whom they work every day.

  • Competitive Compensation

    Professional cleaners who work for owners of The Cleaning Authority business are paid hourly, not per house they clean.

  • Great Customers & Brand Reputation

    You’ll become the best part of the customer’s day!

  • Each location Offers Full-Time Positions

    Each location’s Professional Housecleaners can get the perks that come with a full-time job.

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