Don’t Give Up on Your New Year’s Resolution

Don’t Give Up on Your New Year’s Resolution

January is almost over. Are you still committed to the New Year's resolution(s) you made? Have you slipped? Don’t worry - now is the time to shake it off and recommit.

Statistics* show that more than 50% of Americans resolve to make at least one change in the New Year. The most common changes are improving diet, increasing exercise, losing weight, and spending more time with family. Only around 8% achieve success. We have put together some tips from around the web to improve your chances of success.

Reframe your resolution
into a goal

Consider why you made the resolution. Ask yourself “How important is the goal to my life?” Then look at the overall process. Did you define an end goal and an action plan? Clearly outlining the steps will help you break the larger goal into an actionable plan.

Many times a resolution is seen as simply a statement, such as “I will exercise every day for one hour.” Consideration for how that hour will be found needs to be taken into account. Do you actually have time for one hour a day?

Take what you have learned so far in your experience and apply it to the resolution to make it work for you. Let’s say you have free time for two evenings a week. Then change the resolution to something more realistic for you by reframing to “I will exercise two times a week for at least 30 minutes.” The success you achieve will lead to optimism, which will further support your commitment to the goal.

Focus on what matters
most to you

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Did you take on too many things at once? This is the most common cause of failure. Take a step back and choose just one resolution or goal. Figure out how you can achieve it by creating a plan. When this goal is well underway, you can consider adding another.

Perseverance is necessary 

Many times when we feel overwhelmed, we become discouraged. This is natural. But remember the definition of resolve, which is the root of the word resolution, is to find an acceptable solution (Oxford Dictionary).

That is not to say that the solution will come easily, but it does mean that you keep going until the solution is found. This is called perseverance. If the solution was easy, you wouldn’t need a resolution.

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